Snowdrop® warranty on the workmanship and materials in the properly cared(according to our care instruction) for products in one year from the date of purchase. Snowdrop® warranty covers components of our products including the waterproofing defect, snap button and stitching for one year.

To make a warranty claim, product must be sent at customer’s expense to us for examination of workmanship and materials(don’t worry, our lady founder will do the examination herself). This is also to find the cause of defect in order for us to improve our fabric quality further. After reviewing your pads, we may replace a new one with the same size but the color/prints may be differ from the one you own(depending on the current collection available at the time). Receipt proof of purchase or order number is needed to make this claim.

Except when caused by manufacturing or material defect, this guarantee does not cover leakingon the sides(in case of full), odour or normal wear and tear.

Warranty is void when:-

  • The care instructions have not been followed.
  • The pad has been altered.
  • Any of the following has been used in conjunction with the use/care of the product:

1. Any kind of soaps beside detergent
2. Detergent that contains enzymes, brighteners, dyes
3. Fabric Softeners
4. Bleach/Clorox