What is a Cloth Menstrual Pad?

Cloth menstrual pad (cloth pad) is a reusable alternative to disposable pads. Cloth pad is environmentally friendly, reusable, cost-saving, as well as having purported health benefits. Generally they are made from layers of absorbent fabrics (such as cotton, organic fibers and also synthetically made fibers) which function to absorb the flow of blood during women’s monthly menses and postnatal period. Cloth Pad is also more hygienic and will not cause bad odour as disposable ones.


What is Cloth Liner?

Liners are widely used as a lining on top of panties for collecting discharge and incontinence. They are designed for daily use from light to heavy discharge, light menstrual flow, and incontinence.


Why should you say no to disposable pads?

Disposable pads are produced from pulp, or in most cases, recycled paper. Paper is recycled and bleached to whiten it. However, this bleaching process produced a side chemical called dioxin, which is a highly carcinogenic (i.e. cancer-causing) chemical. According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences of U.S., individuals who are exposed to high levels of dioxin have an increased risk of cancer, reproductive and developmental problems, as well as increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. This dioxin, unfortunately, remain on the disposable pads as a result of this bleaching process.